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Throwback Thursday #6

Thu Feb 23, 2017, 12:30 PM
Welcome to the sixth installment of CRLiterature's Throwback Thursday. If you missed any of the previous installments, they can be found below:
Throwback Thursday #1 Bullet; Orange Throwback Thursday #2 Bullet; Orange Throwback Thursday #3 Bullet; Orange Throwback Thursday #4 Bullet; OrangeThrowback Thursday #5

Delectable DDs

HerculesYou grappled dragons and slayed gorgons;
you drifted on seas of sirens
to state your name.
Dominions were built with the strength of
but moss-covered
crumbled at your fingertips.
Why is it you never expected
more than muscles to grow weary?
Fretting over fights;
jetties at night
full of skeletons piled high.
Hush the crowd with one word,
always unheard,
they continue to love you.
In your dreams, you wished for recompense.
Their defense: you deserved none.
Nightmares are now escapes from reality-
a quiet confidentiality-
not the other way around.
So wear that badge of courage,
badgered by the current
of the overflowing river of fame.
This is what you wanted.
  The Wrong ThingI open my eyes to the sheen of metal and the sweet smell of rust. It brings me no comfort.
I have no idea how long I’ve been asleep. Come to think of it, I have no idea how long I have been here at all. I let my eyes dart around the room, trying to take it in, to remind myself of where I am and why I’m here. A little air bubble trapped between the surface of my eye and my eyelid pops, making a loud cracking noise and smoothing my movements. I can feel my lashes trying to stick together. I can feel a film over the corner of my lip.
I try to sit up, but I can’t. Sleep paralysis. It’s been happening more frequently lately, ever since…
I try not to think about it. I try not to let any recollection of the last few whatever they have been come to me. No, I am in bed, I was sleeping peacefully, and I will be getting up shortly, having a nice omelette (how rich), and I will be building my next invention to…
Don’t think abo
  AlmondsTranscript 1A221
Subject Number 4215415
Name: Irawara "Irio" Hanamori
Present Contact: Inspector Lawrence Murdoch, Detective Hajima
Murdoch: [English] You've had your eight hours. Let's start over.
Irio: [English] Okay.
M: Your name, please.
I: Irawara Hanamori. Date of birth 7th May 1956. I was born in the Hukui prefecture.
M: Thank you. Do you know Miko Suzuya?
I: I do not.
M: Are you sure? She was a student in your university.
I: She is not my student.
M: Was.
I: Is, inspector. Is.
M: Are you aware that she is dead?
I: I am aware that she is clinically deceased, yes. But it remains that she has never been more alive than now.
M: Now that you have eaten her, you mean?
I: If you call it that.
M: What do you call it?
I: I don't know. To "eat" just seems to imply some kind of nourishment, which is not the case. I think the better expression is that she imparted her taste. It lives on alive in me.
M: Imparted her - ?
I: Taste.
M: (pause) How many others imparted their taste?
I: There are

Reusable Resources

How to Write Euphonically          How to Write Euphonically
            By Nic Swaner

          Warning: This tutorial is half-learned and half-self-taught. I may use improper terms and techniques that I have found that just work (for me). If you study phonaesthetics, feel free to correct me.
          More and more I see young writers try their hand at poetry and prose, and what follows is a seemingness to forget and forego the artistic side of writing. While your writing could be bogged down in the dust and details, it could just as easily be euphonious, or beautiful-sounding. But how do you write euphonic literature? Doesn't it just happen, and don't I have to be specific or the reader will have no clue what I'm talking about? No, and no. Writing euphonically is a painstaking pro
  Screenwriting 101: The Basics
Hello, everyone, it appears you have stumbled upon a present that leads to a very bright future in screenwriting. To begin with, my name is Nikki and I'll be helping you inspiring future screenwriters to help not only teach you how to write a decant screenplay, but also help you touch it up and get it sold as well. So let's get going, shall we?
The Plot
First things first, the plot. What is a plot? A plot consists of the main events that occur in a movie in an organized sequence. Okay, so let's say you have a plot in mind. Good. Now you need to build off of that plot. Who is the main character? What do they want? How are they going to get it? The plot helps you decide what is going to stand in the way between the character and their goal. Those are called "obstacles." The plot of the story should be broken down into a 3 act structure, including a crisis or turning point in the story either at the end of Act I or somewhere in the beginning or middle of Act II. But no later. And b
  Elements of StoryUpdated Mar. 18th 2009
The following is a self-discovered list of elements contained in an excellent story:
An interesting and intriguing main character, an individual with a unique past that has made him who he is at the time of the story.  Be sure to explain the important aspects of this backstory where appropriate.
This main character must have a story goal: a mission to accomplish, a mystery to solve, his past to reconcile, a villain to overthrow, a treasure to find, a person to save, etc.
Along with this goal, the character must have an all-consuming desire that drives him to accomplish what he sets out to achieve. Love, revenge, money, justice, purpose, an identity crisis, etc.
Fear. This is the person or thing that has the power to stop him from accomplishing his goal. A threat.
An enemy. If another person, this enemy must be smart, strong, and resourceful with a goal directly opposing that of your main character, and he must have an equally strong desire to ful

Past Prompts

20 Writing Prompts20 Writing Prompts
“This shouldn’t hurt.” She said quietly, soulless eyes downcast.
An empty street, once filled with colour and life, was far more desolate than one that had always been barren.
My shadow crept across the wall as I waited; the clock’s ticking dragging me through each long second with hope for the next.
I’d read between the lines, but it didn’t mean I liked what I’d found.
He dropped his head, the fatigue of days finally seeping into his abused muscles; the last of his strength finally gone.
“Look,” he’d said softly, pointing at the night sky and the only light that littered the velvet night; the stars. My eyes shot back to him quizzically, the unspoken question on my lips. He laughed as he always did, eyes creasing in his merriment. “When you’ve finished counting all the stars in the sky,” he said, voice dropping to a whisper, “that’s when I’ll come home to you.”
You could see h
  Zombie Apocalypse Word Prompts-Ground Zero
-Too Late
-Nothing Left
-Mercy Killing
-Death Toll
-“Keep quiet.”
-“I’ll be back soon.”
-“What next?”
-“It’s too far gone.”
-“I ever tell you ‘bout the time…”
  42 Writing Prompts IHere are 42 writing prompts if you're having trouble coming up with something to write about or having a hard time getting started. You can use any of these in any kind of story you want. Make it funny. Make it horrifying. Make it heart-wrenching. And yes, I'd like to see what you guys come up with. I'll make more of these as I come up with more ideas, but I need to know what you'd guys like... the more "down-to-earth" ideas or the most speculative ideas? The idea ones or the first line ones?
An eight-year-old girl wins a doll at the county fair, and soon discovers that its allows her to control the minds of adults.
A fifteen-year-old boy is thrust 30 years into the future where he learns that he's become a tyrannical dictator guilty for numerous tragedies. A resistance movement in the future debate whether it's worth it to send him back, or if they're willing to risk a massive paradox.
Write a story from the point of view of an aging house who, for the first time, has someone move in:

Random Literature Gallery

This week, other years
HurtPlease hurt me
It helps me to feel
After the pain
I begin to heal
What was never there before
Born freshly from the wound
Just like the light from the Sun
Allows us to see the Moon
Opposing forces clash and bring
Something neutral and serene
Angel and Devil breed once more
The child of balance seen
Seethe from the anguish that I feel
Lick the wound and hide
Step into my world of dreams
Over clouds I glide
Then at last behind me
This horrible memory fades
I'm left with only the new dawn
Light revealing new shades
You must suffer for the cure
Suffer, then relief
Create, destroy, create once more
The cycle will repeat
There is no life without our deaths
No comfort without pain
Realize what must be done
And hurt me once again
B.G. 2006
  Let Me Taste Your Skittles
"When I grow up I want to be a fireman." Little Bobby Bryar's voice floated through the small circle of children, everyone's eager eyes on him. He enjoyed the attention, especially the attention of one little boy sitting on the opposite side of the circle.
The young boy was named Frank Iero, though he insisted everyone called him Frankie. However, there was one point in time where he went through a stage in which he ordered everyone to refer to him as Princess Frankie the Third. But that stage has long since passed.
Now he was sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce, staring out the window with a dazed look on his face. A bird was cleaning its wings on a tree branch, and he watched it intently.
The circle continued to the next young boy, Raymond Toro. "Well, when I was really little, like 4, I wanted to be a astronaut, but I know that they don't even get real food and plus they can't control when they float, which is almost always all the time, so I think maybe I don't want to be
  Midnight Requiem"Oh lady of the north, come sing your melancholy requiem for me…"
Katherine stepped onto the wet grass as night began to fall. She removed her shoes, for the water soaked through them. The wind pressed her tattered dress against her. She brushed away black strands of hair from her pale face. Her icy blue eyes looked towards her petite cottage, and her red lips emitted a sigh as she walked barefoot through the field. She felt uneasy this night, she could feel someone's gaze burning into her, but she could not make out anyone shape in the darkness. Her muscles tightened as her head was filled with stories about goblins, imps, and fallen angels who came to steal away young girls. She quickly said a small pray and quickened her pace. Once she was inside her cottage she could not hear the low cry released by the beast.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Once she left his sight, he cried, every night since he first saw her at the B

Throwback Questions

1.) Have you ever written a piece with a partner?
2.) If so, would you change anything about that piece? If not, would you write with a partner?
3.) Is there anything in your gallery that you wish you had written with a partner? Why or why not?

Got Memories?

Note CRLiterature with your suggestions! We feature works that are at least two years old.


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Kino McFarland is an award-winning film director and writer and an accomplished sideshow performer, having performed with the Insane Clown Posse and Universal Fairs (as Hannah Bel with FreakShow Deluxe). Her work is often dark in nature and inspired by animal rights, environmentalism, and psychology.

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